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IMCO recognizes that your instrumentation needs for routine surgical and in-office procedures must meet or exceed the same standards of all quality instruments available in today's market. IMCO Surgical Instruments are forged from the highest grades of materials, and expertly crafted to perform as required by the most demanding clinicians. All IMCO Instruments are Stainless Steel, unless otherwise noted.
ItemNoSub CategoryLine Item Description
11122-IMC RetractorsU.S. Army Retractor, 8-1/2", double end, set of two
11366-IMC RetractorsGelpi Retractor, 6-3/4", with grip lock
11600-IMC RetractorsWeitlaner Retractor, 4", 2 x 3, sharp teeth
11602-IMC RetractorsWeitlaner Retractor, 4", 2 x 3, blunt teeth
1174-IMC RetractorsSenn Retractor, 6-3/8", sharp, double end
1176-IMC RetractorsSenn Retractor, 6-3/8", blunt, double end
1610-IMC ForcepsAllis Tissue Forceps, 7-1/4", 5 x 6 teeth
1642-IMC ForcepsBabcock Intestinal Forceps, 5-1/2", delicate jaws, 6mm wide
1644-IMC ForcepsBabcock Intestinal Forceps, 6-1/4", jaws, 9mm wide, 4-3/4", 1 x 2 teeth, delicate
166-IMC ForcepsAllis Tissue Forceps, 6", 4 x 5 teeth
168-IMC ForcepsAllis Tissue Forceps, 6", 5 x 6 teeth
170-IMC ForcepsRochester Carmalt Forceps, 6-1/4", straight
172-IMC ForcepsRochester Carmalt Forceps, 6-1/4", curved
181462-IMC ScissorsStevens Tenotomy Scissors, 4-1/8", straight blunt points, short blades
181466-IMC ScissorsStevens Tenotomy Scissors, 4-1/8", curved blunt points, short blades