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Diagnostics > Dopplers & Ultrasound > Natus Nicolet Brand Products > ImexDop CT+
A sturdy, portable system with easy-to-use controls, digital readout and autocorrelation. 5 MHz or 8 MHz vascular probes provide access to both deep and superficial arteries and veins for determining systolic blood pressures, vessel patancy and locating hard-to-find vessels. 2 MHz or 3 MHz obstetric probes offer unmatched reliability in fetal heartbeat detection. The ImexDop CT+ probes are interchangeable with the Pocket-Dop II probes for maximum flexibility between Nicolet Vascular systems. Recharging stand mounts on a counter, wall or IV pole. The ImexDop CT+ comes complete with:
Choice of probe(s)
Recharging Stand
Battery pack (already installed)
Wall Mount Kit
Warranty: one year and five years other parts against manufacture defects. Waterproof probe warranty is one year parts and labor warranty against manufacture defects.
Line Item DescriptionImexDop CT+ with two 2 MHz Obstetric Probes/EA