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Diagnostics > Diagnostic Sets, Scopes & Illuminators > Welch Allyn > Welch Allyn® Solid State Procedure Headlight
Welch Allyn's Solid State Procedure Headlight provides cool, bright, white light that is ideal for a variety of office-based procedures. When you need targeted, well defined illumination without the heat of traditional headlights, look to our Solid State Headlight to provide superior quality and reliability.
Weighing just six ounces, it is extremely comfortable to wear for simple and complex procedures
Supplies bright, white, shadow-free light for true tissue color
Rechargeable battery pack makes this a completely portable, compact unit that allows the user freedom of movement
Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the direct power source or the rechargeable "belt clip" portable power source
Solid State lamp's operating life expectancy gives 10,000 hours with no light output with no degradation
Line Item DescriptionSolid State Procedure Headlight