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Diagnostics > Cardiology/ECG/Accessories > Burdick/Mortara Instruments > BurdickĀ® ELI 280 ECG
10.1" color touch print display makes reading of ECG data easy
Best 10 Technology simplifies data acquisition selection, reducing the need for repeat ECGs
Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) for easy access to the patient without the need of a tethered cable
Pediatric and neonate ECG interpretation based on ACC and AHA guidelines
Industry-leading data acquisition speed (40,000 sps per channel) for pacemaker detection
Ethernet communications included, wireless 801.11g available
EHR connectivity via HeartCentrix, DICOM
Line Item DescriptionInterpretive ECC with AM12 Patient Cable, WLAN, LAN, USB, DICOM, 200 record storage