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Diagnostics > Cardiology/ECG/Accessories > Burdick/Mortara Instruments > Quinton® Q-Stress® Cardiac Stress System
The Quinton brand has been the leader in cardiac stress testing since the 1960s.
Superior ECG trace quality provides the highest level of diagnostic tools available to the clinical user today
EHR connectivity via HeartCentrix
Efficient and intuitive user controls - large Start/Stop icons facilitate device control
Clinical needs addressed with optional features: In-test ECG review using optional Freeze Frame, Procedure Re-Analysis, Risk Scoring and Permanent Full Disclosure
Uses TM55 or TM65 treadmills
Line Item DescriptionAdvanced Q-Stress cardiac stress system featuring networking, Q-Exchange, advanced software options kit (including full disclosure, re-analysis, freeze frame and risk scoring), thermal printer and TM55 treadmill.