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Diagnostics > Blood Pressure > ADC-American Diagnostic Corporation > Pro’s Combo II
The Pro’s Combo combines our best selling pocket aneroid (model 760) with our legendary ADSCOPE™ 641 Sprague Scope and color matched cuff and an extra large nylon zippered carrying case. The pocket aneroid features precision crafted movement rated to 30,000 cycles and is backed by a 20 year calibration warranty. The ADCUFF™ features ADC’s proprietary Size Guide™ Marking system to enhance measurement ease and prevent miscuffing. Latex-Free bladder and bulb. The Sprague scope features 5 interchangeable chestpiece fittings (adult and pediatric diaphragm, adult, pediatric, infant bell) for unsurpassed versatility. The Dual PVC tube design enhances acoustic separation, while the patented valve stem versatility eliminates acoustic leakage. A Chestpiece key facilitates diaphragm replacement. ADSOFT™ threaded ear tips provide the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. A 9 piece accessory kit includes chestpiece fittings, key, spare diaphragms and an assortment of ear tips. ** Color code suffix - Select 1 of 10 colors.
Line Item DescriptionStethoscope and sphyg combo kit, each