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Diagnostics > Blood Pressure > ADC-American Diagnostic Corporation > Diagnostic™ 750 Series Clock Aneroids
This clock face aneroid has a large, easy to read luminescent 6” dial available in both wall or mobile platforms. The Manometer movement is rated to 30,000 cycles and backed by a lifetime calibration warranty. The ADCUFF™ features ADC’s proprietary Size GuideTM Marking system to enhance measurement ease and prevent miscuffing. The ADFLOW™ bulb and valve features filter screen protection that exceeds ANSI SP10 requirements by 33%. Coiled tubing extends to 8’ in length (when extended). The wall model features an integral combination swivel/cuff storage compartment. The mobile model features a 5 caster “spider” leg stand with cuff storage basket.
Line Item DescriptionWall mount, latex-free, each