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Cubical/Privacy Curtains: Creating a beautiful, dignified environment, promotes the healing process. Pride in Workmanship by Experienced Craftsmen. Produce Unsurpassed Quality. Hundreds of inherently fire retardant fabric patterns and colors, which meet or exceed Federal, State and Local fire standards. Made to fit your customers space requirements.
Cubicle Tracks: Available in Satin Anodized and White Baked Enamel Finishes. Curves up to 12 inch radius.
I.V. Track Systems: Barjan No. 110 I.V.Track is heavy gauged extruded aluminum. Satin anodized or white baked enamel finish. The track is designed to receive the NC-10 or C-10 carriers. Available with 12" radius curves.
I.V. Carriers: Precision Engineered. A machined aluminum carriage with: Front and rear nylon guide wheels, stainless steel I.V.loop, and Easy Lock - A single twist locks carrier in position.
IV Bottle Holders: 4 and 8 bottle styles, conveniently telescopes out of the way when not in use.
Window & Drapery Treatments: All Barjan inherently fire retardant fabrics meet or exceed Federal, State and Local fire standards. A complete range of drapery applications from window coverings to auditorium/stage drapes and room dividers. Every type of drapery, from basic functional, to the elegant enhancement of a room.
Shades: Huge Selection of Barjan Shade Products in Various Rollers, Systems and Styles.
Blinds: Select from every name-brand manufacturer: LevolorHunter DouglasGraberBalior Kirschplus our own, more economical Barjan brand. Available in Horizontal or Vertical styles.
Bedspreads, Comforters, Blankets: Extensive line of patterns and solids, in a vast array of colors and sizes. Fire retardant and non-fire retardan
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