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Diagnostics > Vital Signs Devices / Monitors > Burdick/Mortara Instruments > Mortara® Surveyor S19
Surveyor S19, with high-resolution 19" touchscreen display provides for easy management of up to 8 waveforms and associated numeric data.
Standard features include 3 and 5-Lead ECG with interpretation and ST segment analysis, SpO2, NIBP, Dual temps, hemodynamic calculations, Respiration and Heart Rate; Optional features include 2 or 4 Invasive Pressure Channels, Cardiac Output, CO2 and an externally mounted thermal recorder for added flexibility.
The modular AM12 patient cable automatically turns any Surveyor Monitor into a 12 lead ECG system.
S19 is slender and streamlined, light weight with backup battery. Its 19" display and 3.8 inch depth is designed to specifically facilitate wall mounted operation.
Allows for easy integration to an existing infrastructure using HL7.
Line Item DescriptionPatient Monitor, 19 inch Color, Touch Screen Interface, 3 / 5 lead ECG, Dual Temp, NIBP, Dual IBP, Nellcor SpO2, CO2