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Diagnostics > Vital Signs Devices / Monitors > Burdick/Mortara Instruments > Mortara® Surveyor S12
Surveyor S12, with high-resolution 12" touchscreen display provides for easy management of up to 8 waveforms and associated numeric data.
Standard features include 3 and 5-Lead ECG with interpretation and ST segment analysis, SpO2, NIBP, Dual temps, hemodynamic calculations, Respiration and Heart Rate; Optional features include 2 or 4 Invasive Pressure Channels, Cardiac Output, CO2 and integral thermal recorder.
The modular AM12 patient cable automatically turns any Surveyor Monitor into a 12 lead ECG system.
S12 is slender and light weight with ample battery operation. Its 12" screen, 6.6 lb and 5 inch depth complements patient transport and accommodates a mobile workflow on its rolling stand.
Allows for easy integration to an existing infrastructure using HL7.
Line Item DescriptionPatient Monitor, 12 inch Color, Touch Screen Interface, 3 / 5 lead ECG, Dual Temp, NIBP, Dual IBP, Surveyor SpO2